Keep your home and outdoor items in top condition with these fall maintenance tips

While the weather is still beautiful, the nights are getting cooler and the very tops of the trees are already starting to turn colour. Fall is here and it’s time to start thinking about those outdoor chores to get your home ready for winter (gasp!)

Start by touring your home’s exterior and note any peeling paint or cracked caulking. Fall is great weather for painting and resealing to protect your home over the winter months. Check your roof for any loose or missing shingles and make sure repairs are completed before the snow starts to fall.

If you weren’t able to get to them in the spring, clean your eavestroughs now. Have a look at the weather stripping on your doors, especially the garage doors. Replace or repair where needed to keep those winter drafts outside.

If you have large trees on your property, trim any dead or dying branches, especially any close to your home. Winter winds can snap off brittle limbs easily. If the tree is close to the curb, it may belong to the city, so call first to check.

Clean out any leaves or debris from your air conditioner and cover it securely. Give your outdoor furniture a thorough cleaning and store them in a clean, dry place to ward off potential mildew.

Even if you are a year-round griller, fall is still a good time to give the BBQ a good cleaning. For winter storage, remove the propane tank and store in a safe place and cover the BBQ or move it to your shed.

Garden and lawn tools should also get a good cleaning before storage for the season. Hose down your lawnmower, shovels and other tools, removing any debris. Once dry, consider covering your tools with a light coat of linseed oil before storing them to prevent rusting.

These simple annual chores will keep your home and outdoor items in top condition, prevent winter damage and save you money!